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Andrew Watkinson, LWEC

The Environmental Observation Framework


The UK-Environmental Observation Framework (UK-EOF) strives to change the way the UK perceives, values, archives and uses information from observation activities by working across public departments and agencies, the voluntary sector, industry and academia. The overall aim of the UK-EOF is to shape the UK's capability to:

"facilitate the ongoing environmental evidence required to understand the changing natural environment and it's societal interactions, thus guiding current and future environmental management, policy, science and innovation priorities for economic benefit and quality of life".

The UK-EOF is a self contained programme of Living With Environmental Change (LWEC), funded by the major sponsors of environmental observations in the UK and delivered via a series of workstreams. Full details of the initiative can be found on

There are some key tools available now such as the UKEOF Observation Activity Catalogue which tells us what is going on and the Statement of Need which begins to articulate the UK requirements. The UK-EOF is now focused on providing strategic and operational leadership to support the dynamic work of its funders and stakeholders. Although some technological development of the tools will continue, the UK-EOF will increase direct engagement with the funders to facilitate uptake of the tools, add value and provide a neutral space in which organisations can discuss efficiencies and collaborative working practices. UK-EOF enables funders and users to:

  • see the entire observation/monitoring portfolio
  • understand the motivations of its various components, and will
  • improve data accessibility and quality
  • join up and collaborate at all levels from decision making to delivery of observation programs

    The scope covers all environmental observation/monitoring activities done for or by the UK and in Autumn 2010 has expanded to include environmental socio economic observations.


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