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Presentations - Monday

Presentations from Day 1 (Monday)

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These are presentations given on the first day of the symposium. They are listed in programme order. Note that in some cases, the presentation may differ slightly from that given at the symposium.

File Terry Parr
Terry Parr, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology | 'A brief history of the future of the UK Environmental Change Network'
File C header Don Monteith
Don Monteith, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology | 'How are our ecosystems standing up to the tests of time?: the first 20 years of ECN'
File Michael Mirtl
Michael Mirtl, Environment Agency Austria | 'LTER-Europe: The long-term ecosystem research network in Europe as a multifunctional research infrastructure for ecosystem and socio-ecological research'
File Jan Dick
Jan Dick, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology | 'Ecosystem services and socio-ecological considerations in the ECN LTERs and Cairngorms LTSER platform'
File Marc Stutter
Marc Stutter, The James Hutton Institute | 'Nutrient cycling studies in the context of changing C ecosystems'
File Octet Stream Kasia Sawicka
Kasia Sawicka, University of Reading | 'Spatial and temporal patterns in soil water Dissolved Organic Carbon – new insight into long-term British monitoring plots'
File image/x-jg Simon Smart
Simon Smart, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology | 'Relating species change to biodiversity targets'
File Blaise Martay
Blaise Martay, British Trust for Ornithology | 'Are upland Lepidoptera communities more sensitive to impacts of climate change than lowland communities?'
File Linda May
Linda May, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology | 'The importance of long-term data: An example from Loch Leven '