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Organisations & programmes associated with ECN

Links to organisations & programmes associated with ECN


ALTER-Net is a European network of mainly research organisations which aims to integrate biodiversity research capacity across Europe. ALTER-Net began as a "Network of Excellence" funded by the EU's 6th Framework Programme, and is now self-financed by its member organisations.

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BICCO-Net is a collaborative project providing the latest information on the impacts of Climate Change on UK biodiversity. ECN has provided data and expertise

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Countryside Survey

Countryside Survey is a unique study or ‘audit’ of the natural resources of the UK’s countryside. It has been carried out at regular intervals since 1978, allowing scientists to detect the gradual and subtle changes that occur in the UK’s countryside over time.

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ECN's research partners

ECN monitoring is supported by a range of research partners

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ECN's sponsors

ECN monitoring is carried out by a range of sponsoring organisations. Each provides one or more sites and covers the costs of ECN measurements at those sites.

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International Long-term Ecological Research Networks (ILTER)

ILTER is a 'network of networks', a global network of research sites located in a wide array of ecosystems worldwide that can help understand environmental change across the globe. ILTER's focus is on long-term, site-based research.

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NERC 'soil biodiversity' thematic programme

The NERC programme 'Biological Diversity and Ecosystem Function in Soil' was an integrated programme of research on the biological diversity of soil biota and the functional roles played by soil organisms in key ecological processes. It ran from 1997-2004 and was based at Sourhope in Southern Scotland, an ECN site.

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UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme

The Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (BMS) was set up in 1976 to provide information on changes in the abundance of butterflies at selected monitored sites throughout the United Kingdom. The BMS has now merged with Butterfly Conservation's co-ordination of 'independent' transects. The resulting UKBMS dataset is an important resource for understanding changes in insect populations. The ECN terrestrial sites form part of the BMS.

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UK National Ammonia Monitoring Network (NAMN)

This network is engaged in monitoring both gaseous ammonia (NH3) and a number of air pollutants with which it reacts. The ECN terrestrial sites form part of this network.

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