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Featured links

Ecosystems Knowledge Network

The Ecosystems Knowledge Network is a resource for anyone wanting to share knowledge or learn about the practical benefits of an ecosystems approach. It draws together experience from the UK and elsewhere to assist organisations to understand how a 'whole ecosystem' approach can help us build sustainable communities.

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Natural Environment White Paper

The Natural Environment White Paper is a bold and ambitious statement outlining the Government’s vision for the natural environment over the next 50 years, backed up with practical action to deliver that ambition.

Natural Environment White Paper - Read More…

UK Climate Change Risk Assessment: Government Report

The Government published the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) on 25 January 2012, the first assessment of its kind for the UK and the first in a 5 year cycle. It sets out the main priorities for adaptation in the UK under 5 key themes identified in the CCRA 2012 Evidence Report – Agriculture and Forestry; Business, industries and Services; Health and Wellbeing; Natural Environment and Buildings and Infrastructure – and describes the policy context, and action already in place to tackle some of the risks in each area. It highlights the constraints of the CCRA analysis and provides advice on how to take account of the uncertainty within the analysis.

UK Climate Change Risk Assessment: Government Report - Read More…

UK-Environmental Observation Framework (UK-EOF)

The UK-Environmental Observation Framework (UK-EOF) strives to change the way the UK perceives, values, archives and uses information from observation activities by working across public departments and agencies, the voluntary sector, industry and academia.

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