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Biosphere Reserves

Biosphere reserves are sites established by countries and recognized under UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme to promote sustainable development based on local community efforts and sound science.

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British Ecological Society

The BES was established in 1913 and has approximately 4,000 members worldwide. Its activities include publishing a range of scientific literature, organising and sponsoring meetings, funding grant schemes, education and policy work. It also runs supporting initiatives such as the gratis book scheme which aims to make ecology publications available to those who couldn’t otherwise obtain them.

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Ecological Continuity Trust

The ECT supports long-term experiments (LTEs) by providing much needed funds through a grants scheme and emergency repair funds. ECT has also established a network of key stakeholders that help champion LTEs and the valuable science they produce. ECT's vision is to develop a strategic network of long-term ecological experiments. This includes safeguarding existing high quality experiments and data, whilst also ensuring new facilities are planned for the long-term. ECN is partner organisation of ECT since several LTEs are sited at ECN sites.

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ExpeER (Experimentation in Ecosystem Research) is a major European Infrastructure project (2010-2014) in the field of Ecosystem Research. ExpeER will, for the first time, federate existing national infrastructures, improve their research capacity whilst at the same time facilitating access to those key experimental and observational platforms as well as analytical and modelling facilities for the benefit of the international research community.

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Ground beetles of Ireland

This site aims to encourage interest in Irish ground beetles. It provides illustrations of the species and distribution maps. It is intended to act as a stimulus to further recording of ground beetles in Ireland by providing a resource which makes these little-studied animals more accessible to interested amateurs, biological recorders, school biology classes and the general public.

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Nature Improvement Areas

Nature Improvement Areas are a new name for the “Ecological Restoration Zones” proposed by the Making Space for Nature review. Information is currently available on the Natural England website. There are 12 NIAs in England.

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UK Environmental Observation Framework (UKEOF)

The UK Environmental Observation Framework (UKEOF) strives to change the way the UK perceives, values, archives and uses information from observation activities by working across public departments and agencies, the voluntary sector, industry and academia.

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