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Alice Holt is 'Forest of the Month' in Forest Ecology Group bulletin

The British Ecological Society's Forest Ecology Group has a special feature on Alice Holt in its July 2013 bulletin.

Originally launched in 2006, the Alice Holt Research Forest (AHRF) is one of three research forests either managed by or in association with the Forestry Commission (the others are the Dyfi Catchment and Woodland Research Platform, Gwynedd, Wales, and the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, Stirlingshire, Scotland, due for launch in 2013).

These research forests provide integrated study sites where a range of field experiments, environmental monitoring and surveys can be carried out by inter-disciplinary scientists.

However, the Alice Holt Forest has been studied since long before 2006, as the Forestry Commission established its Alice Holt Research Station here in 1946 (now one of the two main research stations of Forest Research, FR).

One of the main advantages to users of the AHRF is access to long term experimental and environmental data sets (including, of course, ECN data), ensuring that research and monitoring studies are carried out within a well-characterised environment.

The results and findings from the various monitoring and experimental studies at Alice Holt are being used to provide evidence in the development of future forestry policy related to climate and environmental change.

The full article on Alice Holt Research Forest (written by Sue Benham, ECN Site Manager, and Matthew Wilkinson), can be read in the July 2013 FEG Bulletin.

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