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ECN student's poster scoops prize at soils conference

A Ph.D. student working with ECN data has scooped the runner-up prize in the student poster competition at the recent British Society of Soil Science annual conference.
ECN student's poster scoops prize at soils conference

Prize-winning students Rachel Roberts (left) and Kasia Sawicka (right)

Kasia Sawicka's poster, Multi-scale drivers of DOC in soil and surface waters, presented her study sites and preliminary trend analyses of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and sulphate concentrations in soil solution, as well as the relationship between changes in DOC and sulphate concentrations.

Kasia is based at Reading University. For her Ph.D. research, entitled Identifying the spatial mechanism controlling variability in the long-term increases in dissolved organic carbon concentrations in soil and surface waters, she is analysing datasets from seven ECN sites and nine Forest Research Level II sites.

Previous studies on DOC in stream water have shown that DOC is increasing in many, but not all, surface waters. It has been argued that DOC trends in stream water are related to declining acid deposition, however further explanation is needed as to why DOC has increased at some sites and not others. Kasia's project is taking a step back from surface waters and looking at DOC in soil, where it originates from.

Kasia is jointly supervised by Joanna Clark (Reading University), Don Monteith (NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology), Elena Vanguelova (Forest Research) and Andy Wade (Reading University). She received a book in recognition of her excellent poster. Kasia is pictured (right), alongside Rachel Roberts, whose poster won the top prize.

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