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Latest news from European & global LTER

The latest issue of the European LTER newsletter presents news from the eLTER project and the international LTER network

The 4th issue of the European LTER e-newsletter (produced via the eLTER H2020 project) features the following articles:

  • eLTER H2020 project Core Team reviews progress
  • ILTER becomes a formal GEO participant

  • Key role of global change research highlighted at ILTER's first Open Science Meeting

  • Blogs from the field bring LTER-based research to life!

  • Environmental Research Infrastructures interact during ENVRI Week


The newsletter is produced by the eLTER communications work package (WP5), led by ECN's Science Liaison Officer, Andy Sier (CEH).

You can subscribe to receive the newsletter directly. Past issues are available here.

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