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Access selected ECN sites and other European ecosystem research facilities via ExpeER project

Researchers can apply for funds to support research visits to any of 31 European facilities, including some long-term ecosystem research sites. Two ECN sites are included in the scheme.

The ExpeER (Distributed Infrastructure for Experimentation in Ecosystem Research), through its coordinated programme of Transnational Access (TA), aims to improve and facilitate access to 31 state-of-the-art research facilities throughout Europe, promoting observational, experimental, analytical, and modelling approaches in ecosystem research.

Research staff and students can take the opportunity of the call to develop international research collaborations. Non-UK scientists could apply to visit one of the four UK sites, whilst scientists based in the UK could visit facilities in other countries or team up with colleagues outside the UK to work at the 'home' sites.

The ExpeER project has been extended by 6 months, so the new deadline for TA applications is 31 January 2015, and TA visits should be completed by 31 March.

The ExpeER scheme is a great opportunity to obtain funding for short research visits in another country. Here's what one user of the scheme said about her visit to Whim Bog (another UK ExpeER site):

"A very interesting experience. I usually work in Mediterranean environments and at Whim bog I had the opportunity to work in a completely different environment."

Full information about this call can be found on the ExpeER website. ExpeER makes a contribution to cover travel and subsistence costs of visiting scientists and students. The 31 facilities involved are located in 13 European countries and Israel. They include Highly Instrumented Experimental (HIES) and Observational Sites (HIOS), Analytical Facilities and Ecotrons, which provide state of the art analytical equipment and controlled environment facilities for ecosystem research.

The two ECN involved are Moor House-Upper Teesdale and Rothamsted. There are two other UK sites included in the call: Plynlimon and Whim.

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