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Wet, wet, wet! Extreme weather at Rothamsted

An extreme rainfall event recorded at Rothamsted earned the ECN site a mention on the BBC's Countryfile weather report

The night of 16-17 July was a particularly wet one at Rothamsted, an ECN site in Hertfordshire operated by Rothamsted Research. Hourly figures show that 57.1mm rain fell between the hours of 21:00 Thursday and 01:00 Friday morning, with intensity in rainfall increasing from 22:00 Thursday. By Midnight a total of 28.5mm had fallen and this was doubled by 01:00 Friday when a further 28.7mm fell.

The average rainfall for July at Rothamsted (30 years 1981-2010) is 49.9mm.The total rainfall for the site so far this month is 86.2mm.

On Sunday 19th, Rothamsted was mentioned at the beginning of the BBC's “Countryfile Weather” report for the coming week. A comparison of UK rainfall for the month of July so far was discussed, showing Rothamsted along with Glasgow and Aberdeen for highest amounts of rainfall - 79mm, 119mm and 115mm respectively (Due to the nature of the ECN rain gauge, we capture approx. 10% more rain than the Met Office rain gauge located at Rothamsted).

In comparison, the Rothamsted Research meteorology stations at Woburn (Bedfordshire) and Brooms Barn (Suffolk) only recorded 0.9mm and 2.3mm respectively.