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The long view: Natural England's LTMN project

Natural England published a report recently describing it's Long-Term Monitoring Network, a complementary monitoring network to ECN.

The Long-term Monitoring Network project (LTMN) was established following multi-agency discussions exploring ways of extending ECN-style monitoring to more locations. It was Natural England's contribution to the Environmental Change Biodiversity Network (ECBN).

LTMN began in 2009 with the aim of developing, with NE's partners, a cost effective network of sites to provide evidence on the effects of changing climate, air pollution and land management on the natural environment.

The LTMN network is a set of 37 intensively monitored sites across England, selected to cover the whole country and to include some of our most valuable habitats, including ten target habitats. LTMN extends and complements the Environmental Change Network., both of which measure multiple  ecosystem components using standard protocols.

In 2016, baseline surveys were completed at the LTMN sites, and subsequently collected data will now be compared with these. Most of the data collected are available via an Open Government Licence.

You can read the full report, Taking the long view: an introduction to Natural England's Long Term Monitoring Network, 2009 to 2016, here.

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