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ECN launches new data interfaces

We're pleased to announce two new online interfaces allowing you to explore data managed by our Data Centre.

The new Data Explorer allows you to plot any variable in our ECN terrestrial site summary database against any other. You can customise the plots to show the sites and variables you are interested in. Where appropriate, there are also links to the National Biodiversity Network's species distribution maps to provide the national context to this site-based data.
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The ECN Data Centre also manages data from the UK Lake Ecological Observatory Network (UKLEON). We've developed the UKLEON telemetry interface to provide direct and dynamic access to these data. UKLEON has state-of-the art, self-cleaning sensors at eleven lakes across the UK. This interface will allow you to view the data in near-real time from these lakes via GPRS.
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Meanwhile, our Time Series Viewer interface is still available, providing an ideal way to view trends in a range of ECN summary data over time. Also on our Data Centre website you can view climate change and biodiversity indicators, browse our weekly site photo archive and find references to ECN-related  publications.

For quick access to our our data resources, look for this button across our website:

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