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UKEOF unveils upgraded catalogue of environmental observations

The UK Environmental Observation Framework has launched a new version of its catalogue, offering a unique overview of UK environmental observations.

The upgraded Catalogue enables easier access to more up-to-date information on the UK's environmental observations. UK ECN is of course included in the catalogue.

The UKEOF Catalogue contains over 1200 records of environmental observations undertaken and funded by public and third sector organisations.

The Catalogue provides a unique management tool to underpin the activities and requirements of the environmental observation community. It provides a strong basis for strategic planning, giving an holistic overview of environmental observations as well as a place to:

  • Discover who is doing what, where, why and when
  • Make contact with observation managers
  • Find out where the data is held and if it is available for reuse.


One of the exciting new features of the upgraded Catalogue is a mapping search tool. Users can see where observations are being carried out in a certain area, find out where facilities are located or look at the coverage of a specific programme. Other improvements also allow users access to new information such as:

  • Which activities are involved in a specific monitoring network
  • Which organisation operates in a particular monitoring site
  • How many sites collect data for a monitoring programme
  • How many monitoring sites an organisation operates in.


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