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Explaining why ECN-based research matters

We're trialling a simple approach to explaining ECN-based research and its relevance to important issues.

Much ECN monitoring and associated research is relevant to environmental and societal issues. We want to explain this relevance more clearly. So, for some publication entries on our website, we will provide concise summaries of why the research matters.

Selected publications featured on our website now include a Why it matters page, with information about how the research described in the paper relates to environmental and societal issues.

All these publications are tagged with the keyword why it matters. You can use the index on this page to jump to these publications, or search for 'why it matters' using the search box in the top right of the website.

Where a publication has a linked 'Why it matters' information page, you will see a link like this:

Plus - by Elegant IconsReveal 'Why it matters' text

Simply click on the button to reveal the supplementary information. To return to the main publication page, use the Minus icon - adapted from Elegant Themes button.

We've only applied this approach to a few papers so far, but as we begin to use it more widely, we hope it will help explain why science that uses ECN data and sites is important.

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