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Loch Leven: 40 years of scientific research

Special issue dedicated to research and monitoring at Loch Leven in Scotland


May, L. and Spears, BM. (2012). Loch Leven: 40 years of scientific research - Understanding the links between pollution, climate change and ecological response. Special Issue.. Hydrobiologia, 681, 1-130.



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A series of 10 scientific papers highlighting long-term water quality and ecology research carried out at Loch Leven.

The special issue, edited by Drs Linda May and Bryan Spears of the NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH), collates scientific findings presented at a special symposium of lake researchers.

Loch Leven is one of CEH’s most important long-term monitoring sites, and is included in the Environmental Change Network. Ecological and chemical monitoring at the loch began in 1968. The research conducted at the site is significant not only for the health of the loch itself, which supplies a wide range of ecosystem services, but contributes to lake and catchment management strategies at other sites around the world.

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