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UK Upland Waters Monitoring Network

The United Kingdom Upland Waters Monitoring Network (UK UWMN), funded by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), was established in 1988 as the Acid Waters Monitoring Network to monitor the chemical and ecological impact of acid deposition in areas of the UK believed to be sensitive to acidification. From 2013 the AWMN became the Upland Waters Monitoring Network, designed to track changes in surface water quality and freshwater biodiversity across all upland regions of the UK, not only those sensitive to acid deposition.

The network's database provides an extremely valuable long-term record of water chemistry and biology which is unique for upland freshwater systems in the UK.

The network is currently coordinated by ENSIS / Environmental Change Research Centre, UCL (ECRC). See the full list of UWMN collaborators.

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