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Explanatory notes for teachers

Explanatory notes for teachers
This Welsh language tutorial has been translated from the English version. These explanatory notes for teachers have not been revised but may be of benefit to teachers in Wales wishing to use the tutorial.


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Founded in 1992, the UK Environmental Change Network (ECN) is the United Kingdom's integrated monitoring network.  It is designed to collect, store, analyse, and interpret long-term data based on a set of key variables which drive and respond to environmental change at a range of terrestrial and freshwater sites across the UK.   The ECN collects data on plants and animals and analyses their response to changes in climate and pollution.

These tutorials were originally designed around the 'GCSE Geography Syllabus 2000'. We revised the tutorials in 2011 and in doing so, we referred to the current National Curriculum for England for guidance. We hope the material is also suitable for learning within the curriculum frameworks of other countries in the UK.

These tutorials are aimed at secondary school Geography, Key Stage 3. Use these links to see our assessment of how the tutorials relate to the curriculum:


How to use the tutorials

Students should work through the tutorials on-screen. Each section is quite short and contains a text and supporting diagrams. In some cases there are links to external websites such as the UK Met Office and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The content on some external websites may be a little too advanced for some students, but reading it is optional.

Some sections have simple exercises which the student should be able to complete on their own. These exercises are not currently interactive.

We suggest that the tutorials are best used as part of wider learning about weather and climate (see our suggestions).


Information about the Geography curricula in the UK:


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