Amy Goodwin

ECN Moor House student for 2010-11, Amy Goodwin, reflects on her year spent with ECN

Amy GoodwinWorking for ECN has been a great opportunity and is something I am grateful to have been part of. It has been a good learning curve and has given me a greater understanding of the scientific world, whilst also being very enjoyable.

Field work has always been my favourite part of biology so going to Moor House nature reserve every week has been a definite highlight. I have also enjoyed doing vegetation surveys as I have learnt many plant and bryophyte species and it has given me the chance to see other sites around the Upper Teesdale area.

I don’t have any regrets about taking a year out from University to work for ECN as the experiences and knowledge I have gained by working here is invaluable.

Amy Goodwin in lab


Amy joined ECN whilst studying for a BSc in Environmental Biology at Aberystwyth.