2.4 Weather: test yourself

Self test - answers


Weather tutorial test

[Source: UK Met Office]

Questions & answers

  1. What type of front is at A?
    Answer: This is a warm front. A warm southerly air mass is advancing into a colder northerly air mass.
  2. What type of front is at B?
    Answer: This is an occluded front. Can you see the cold front that is catching up with the slower warm front as they approach Iceland? When the cold front reaches the warm front, an occlusion forms.
  3. What type of front is at C?
    Answer: This is a cold front. A cold northerly air mass is pushing south-east over Europe.
  4. At point D, from which direction would you expect the winds to be blowing? Are the winds forecast to be strong or light?
    Answer: The isobars are around an area of low pressure. This looks like a depression, with the winds moving anti-clockwise round the low (from the north). The isobars are close together, indicating a windy day in Sweden.
  5. At point E, do you expect the weather is settled or unsettled?
    Answer: The pressure is high and the winds are light (isobars are far apart). This suggests settled weather for much of Italy. Remember, the chart is for mid-January, so temperatures won't be very high. It is hard to tell from the map if it is sunny or not.
  6. Point F is over the UK. What sort of weather conditions does the map suggest the UK will experience?
    Answer: The UK is under an area of high pressure. This suggests a fine, settled winter day with only light winds and the possibility of plenty of sunshine.


How well did you do?


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