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ECN datasets

ECN data, along with related datasets, are accessible via the ECN Data Centre. The links below take you to specific parts of the Data Centre.

ECN Data Centre

Explore ECN summary data

We offer two online tools for exploring ECN summary data. Our new Data Explorer makes it possible to plot any available ECN data variable against another, whilst our Time Series Viewer is a simple way to view trends in data over time. These interfaces use monthly or annual summary statistics derived from the raw data.  Quickly gain an overview of the data by creating time-series graphs, or exploring possible data relationships. You can also download summary datasets.

Request detailed ECN data

Access to detailed ECN core data can be provided under licence at the discretion of ECN sponsoring organisations.  Data are available for most ECN terrestrial sites from 1993 and for most freshwater sites from 1994. ECN will supply data for free (unless there are specific third-party licensing arrangements in place or if a request is particularly complex). See our Data Policy for details.

Environmental indicators

ECN data have been used to develop sets of climate change and biodiversity indicators.

Publications and Data Use Database

Search an extensive Publications Catalogue, which contains references to published material related to ECN sites or by authors connected to ECN.  Search by year, author, keyword, site or a combination of these.  Data on how ECN data are used can also be queried. 

Weekly photos

Weekly fixed-point photographs are taken at the some ECN sites. These are archived in the ECN database forming a unique pictorial record of the conditions at these sites.

About our data

The ECN database is managed and developed by the ECN Central Co-ordination Unit (CCU) at CEH Lancaster.  Data are held and made accessible according to the ECN data policy. Use the link above for details of the ECN information system.

Did you know?

We also manage data for the following related networks: