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ECN and research

About research conducted at ECN sites and/or using ECN data

Research at Moor HouseSeveral ECN sites are currently used as bases for field research. For example, Moor House-Upper Teesdale is a focus for research on peatland carbon dynamics and hosts research teams from several universities and research institutes. ECN Snowdon and ECN Cairngorms both support active research communities investigating upland ecosystems, whilst Rothamsted, North Wyke, Alice Holt and Wytham all host researchers studying lowland agricultural and woodland systems.

ECN sites are well-instrumented and our terrestrial sites, along with some of our freshwater sites, are staffed by dedicated site managers with an in-depth understanding of their local ecosystems.

ECN data are freely available under licence for research purposes.

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In this section you can find out about research undertaken by scientists working at ECN sites, or using ECN data. The following articles are currently available:

  • From microbe to mountain by Sue Ward and Mike Whitfield
    Research into the role of peatland biodiversity in carbon cycling at ECN Moor House | Read...
  • ECN Snowdon research information about research projects undertaken at Snowdon via a partnership of organisations | Read...