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ECN's monitoring sites

There are 12 terrestrial and 45 freshwater sites in the UK ECN network. Sites range from upland to lowland, from moorland to chalk grassland, from small streams and ponds to large rivers and lakes. Each of the sponsoring organisations funds and operates one or more sites. To find out more about an ECN site, either ...

These links will guide you to site details on our Data Centre.

Conducting research at ECN sites

The wide range of regular environmental measurements, wealth of historical data and local knowledge of site managers mean that many ECN sites are excellent opportunities for field environmental research. An increasing number of scientists have discovered the benefits of locating their research at our sites. If you are also interested in conducting research at an ECN site, please contact us. There are also currently some opportunities for people outside the UK to visit selected ECN sites as part of EU-funded projects.


Map of ECN sites