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What ECN measures

Statement on ECN monitoring

During the Covid-19-related current restrictions on travel and physical distancing, many routine visits to ECN sites have temporarily ceased. This will inevitably result in gaps forming in some time series as will be the case for many other environmental monitoring activities. Data collection will recommence as soon as the situation allows and partner organisations deem it safe for site visits and laboratory analysis to restart.


ECN aims to provide a broad baseline of integrated environmental information applicable to a range of environmental issues (e.g. climate change, water pollution, biodiversity, atmospheric pollution). The measurements made by ECN therefore cover a wide range of physical, chemical and biological 'driving and response' variables. Consistency over time, a vital attribute of any long-term dataset is achieved by adherence to a clearly defined set of published analytical protocols.

While there are numerous long-term, issue-specific environmental monitoring initiatives nationally, ECN's unique multi-disciplinary approach enables the analysis of important relationships between environmental variables and across ecosystem components.

In this section you can find detailed information about the measurements we make and the protocols (methods) used.




  • In addition to these standard protocols, many ECN sites also carry out additional monitoring, often undertaken as part of other networks or initiatives.
  • Not all sites are measured at the indicated frequencies.