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Education & outreach

About ECN resources for teaching, and our communication activities
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ECN aims to support learning about our changing environment. We do this in several ways:

  • Supporting PhD projects through the provision of long-term, integrated data, well-instrumented sites and expertise
  • Undergraduate placements, based with the ECN Moor House-Upper Teesdale ECN staff at Lancaster & ECN Wytham staff at Wallingford
  • Opportunities for MSc students, including placements and hosting field visits
  • By providing online resources for teaching
  • Talks, open days and hands-on activities for school students and adults


More details on some of these activities are provided below.

ECN undergraduate placements

ECN partner CEH has until recently offered undergraduate placements for one academic year at two of its ECN sites, Moor House-Upper Teesdale (labs and offices at Lancaster) and Wytham (labs and offices at Wallingford, near Oxford). Regrettably this initiative has now ceased. We offered one student placement at each site. During these placements, each student was trained in and undertook environmental monitoring at the ECN sites, including associated laboratory and computer work. Students were expected to undertake a short project of interest to themselves and relevant to ECN.

Explore our data

ECN's long-term environmental data represent a unique teaching resource. Use our time series viewer to plot data and explore environmental change, or request raw data, providing students with actual environmental datasets for use in science, geography and maths.

Online tutorials

Learn about weather, climate and climate change using our online tutorials.

Climate Change Explorer / As Seasons Change

Fractal image by Lorraine BerryAs part of a larger science-art-schools project called Climate Change Explorer, ECN commissioned new media artist Lorraine Berry to produce a web-based creative work - As Seasons Change - which drew upon ECN data and knowledge concerning climate change.  [Fractal image by Lorraine Berry]


Outreach through social media & email

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Talks and activities

Although we do not have a formal programme of events and activities, some staff connected with ECN are willing to give talks to groups of children and adults. Some ECN partners also run open days and similar events. To find out more, please contact the ECN Science Liaison Officer, Andrew Sier, at the ECN CCU or the site manager for the ECN site nearest to you.

Other (non-ECN) educational resources

Here we have listed a selection educational resources that are relevant to environmental science. These are not provided or endorsed by us.