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Measurements made at ECN terrestrial sites

Locating & marking sites

The ECN protocol for locating and marking sites

Locating & marking sites - Read More…


The ECN Meteorology protocols (M, MA, MM)

Meteorology - Read More…

Atmospheric Chemistry: Nitrogen Dioxide

The ECN protocol for atmospheric chemistry: nitrogen dioxide (AN)

Atmospheric Chemistry: Nitrogen Dioxide - Read More…

Precipitation Chemistry

The ECN protocol for precipitation chemistry (PC)

Precipitation Chemistry - Read More…

Surface Water: Discharge

The ECN protocol for surface water discharge (WD)

Surface Water: Discharge - Read More…

Surface Water: Chemistry

The ECN protocol for surface water chemistry (WC)

Surface Water: Chemistry - Read More…

Soil Solution

The ECN protocol for soil solution (SS)

Soil Solution - Read More…

Soil Properties

The ECN protocol for soil properties (S)

Soil Properties - Read More…


The ECN vegetation protocol (V)

Vegetation - Read More…


The ECN invertebrates protocols (I, IA, IB, IG, IM, IS, IT)

Invertebrates - Read More…


The ECN vertebrates protocols (B, BA, BB, BC, BF, BI, BM)

Vertebrates - Read More…

Land Use

The ECN land use protocol (LU)

Land Use - Read More…

Initial Water Handling

The ECN protocol for initial handling of water samples (WH)

Initial Water Handling - Read More…

Analytical guidelines for water samples

Analytical guidelines for laboratories processing ECN water samples (WAG)

Analytical guidelines for water samples - Read More…


Our field activities


At terrestrial sites during July we continue with evening bat monitoring started in June, but bird surveying is complete. We also survey grazing animals this month, using a dropping count method. At freshwater sites we sample larger invertebrates. Of course, there's also a suite of year-round measurements to be made!

See all this month's field measurements...

Sampling in Windermere