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Please note:

Please note: Our database server is currently undergoing maintenance. Unfortunately, this means that the data interfaces on our Data Centre website may not be available at certain times. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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The ECN lake sites are:
Site Esthwaite
The Esthwaite ECN site
Site D source code Hickling Broad
The Hickling Broad ECN site
Site Llyn Llagi
The Llyn Llagi ECN site
Site Loch Davan
The Loch Davan ECN site
Site Loch Dee
The Loch Dee ECN site
Site Loch Katrine
The Loch Katrine ECN site
Site chemical/x-mdl-rdfile Loch Kinord
The Loch Kinord ECN site
Site Loch Leven
The Loch Leven ECN site
Site D source code Loch Lomond
The Loch Lomond ECN site
Site Lochnagar
The Lochnagar ECN site
Site Lough Erne
The Lough Erne ECN site
Site C header Lough Neagh
The Lough Neagh ECN site
Site Scoat Tarn
The Scoat Tarn ECN site
Site D source code Upton Broad
The Upton Broad ECN site
Site Windermere
The Windermere ECN site
Site D source code Wroxham Broad
The Wroxham Broad ECN site