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Why the research matters

ECN monitoring and associated research is relevant to a range of environmental and societal issues. For selected publications featured on our website, we describe why the research matters.


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About 'Why it matters' pages

Selected publications featured on our website now include a Why it matters page, with information about how the research described in the paper relates to environmental and societal issues. Each of these features includes a slideshow as well as informative text to help you understand the research and its relevance.

All these publications are tagged with the keyword why it matters. You can use the index on the right to jump to these publications or search for 'why it matters' using the search box in the top right of the website.

Where a publication has a linked 'Why it matters' information page, you will see a link like this:

Plus - by Elegant IconsReveal 'Why it matters' text

Simply click on the button to reveal the supplementary information. To return to the main publication page, use the Minus icon - adapted from Elegant Themes button.


Content on our website relating to selected environmental or societal issues is tagged with keywords. You can search for these (and other terms) using the search box (top right) or use the links below to quickly find content with these keywords. Note that not all the content found via keywords will have a 'why it matters' information page.



We hope that our 'Why it matters' pages and the use of keywords will help explain how ECN's monitoring and research is relevant to many of today's important issues. If you have questions or suggestions please contact us so that we can improve this feature of the website.