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COSMOS-UK soil moisture monitoring
Ecological Continuity Trust Long-Term Experiment (Park Grass)


The oldest continually functioning agricultural research station in the world. The 'Classical Experiments', started between 1843 and 1856, plus wilderness sites, have been used by successive generations of scientists and continue to form a unique resource for studying environmental change. These long-term experiments are supported by the Sample Archive which houses 300,000 plus archived crop and grass samples and the electronic-Rothamsted Archive, a digital database of crop yields, soils data, nutritional data and weather data.

Rothamsted Research have developed a dedicated ECN web page for Rothamsted and North Wyke with free downloadable booklets highlighting results from the first 20 years of ECN operations at the sites.

Near real-time weather data for Rothamsted (Harpenden) are also available.