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Our data

About our data

Our data - collected at ECN sites - are stored in a central database managed by the ECN Data Centre based at CEH Lancaster.

Data availability

ECN data are free-of-charge for non-commercial purposes

ECN data are available in two main forms: summary averages may be plotted using online, interactive tools, whilst the full data may be obtained upon request, and is issued under licence. These data are free-of-charge for non-commercial purposes.

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Quality control

Data quality is extremely important, Therefore, before they are incorporated into the database, all data are screened to detect incorrectly formatted data and values outside the expected range. The data providers (i.e. the site staff) may also submit metadata in the form of quality codes, which are stored alongside the data. Such metadata can be very useful when the data are subsequently analysed. From time-to-time we carry out quality assurance exercises on specific datasets, e.g. to test the accuracy of vegetation identification, or to check the calibration of automatic meteorological sensors.